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KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Highlight Kit Review

KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Highlight Kit Review

Hey everyone! So I've been MIA for a while, theres been so much going on, and I will admit that keeping up with a blog has been harder than I thought. At times I lack motivation, and while I have so much content to post, I would rather do so when I'm inspired. 

Anyways, this past summer Kim Kardashian West launched her beauty line KKW Beauty and her first product was a creme contour and highlight kit. Super exciting, if you're like me and love anything makeup related then you would be looking forward to try this! Because why not?!

So here is my HONEST review on the new KKW beauty creme contour and highlight kits + getting ready with it and a final look. 

So the packaging is very Kim KardashianESQUE in my opinion. It is 3 tubes, 2 with product, and the last one is an applicator with one side with a sponge, and the other side with a brush. It comes in a plastic bag, (not my favorite) it reminds me of certain products sold near the cashier lines at Forever21 or H&M. I love the blush/nude color but not the bag. Also, the tubes are the same color, but you can't see the name of the products, because the letters are way too light! It retails for $49. This is the average cost for "high end" make up. However, this contains such little product.. so keep that in mind. She has 4 different shades, I ended up getting the medium one.

The highlight shade has a matte side, and one with shimmer. I used the matte under my eyes as concealer, and it wasn't my favorite. I did see in a video she did saying its not to be used as concealer, but many other reviews used it that way. It was just common sense. Normally I apply my concealer or under eye highlight in two triangles under my eyes and then I go in a blend it. The product dried up so fast, it was so hard to blend it. I resorted to my beauty blender and sprayed on some fix plus but it took me a while to make it look nice. So my advise is to apply it to one section and work on it right away, then apply it to another section and do the same. The contour stick brought two shades also. I will admit that the contour sticks have such a SOFT and creamy formula, it feels nice applying it on the hollows of my cheeks. It was very smooth. You can definitely achieve a good everyday natural look with the contour sticks. This is what I always go for. As far as the applicators, I wasn't able to use them. The sponge felt a bit stiff, even after applying some fix plus to it. The brush side was a bit stiff also. I preferred using my beauty blender and my contour brush to do it. I wanna say that I really liked the highlight side, but the shimmery one. Not the matte one. I am glad I bought these to review, so if you're able to, its fun to try them. But, I do think they could have been better. I would love to see more product, better tools, and a better matte highlight formula. These were the first ones that came out, so I believe her new products will get better and better! 

Now look below for some pictures of me getting ready, while using the KKW beauty creme contour and highlight kit, plus some other of my favorites for every day routine. Feel free to share your thoughts, if you purchased these, did you like them? If not, share why!

Let me know what else you would want to see on here! <3


Photocredits: The BEST photographer Michelle Cordero Thanks for shooting this & for providing me with your studio space for this! <3



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